Resumen de darci and the contest dance

English School
2th grade
Miss Emma Tello

Darci and the dance contest

Velásquez Arias, María Andrea

Sitting with the boys

Darci Daniel was her name. She was new in the Oakwood Middle School so she was looking for new friends but she couldn’t find somefriendly people.
She went to the school bus, and she tried to find some sit but everything was full so she could find some sit but then she felt wear and wet…What a surprise! The boys make a joke to her she felt so embarrassed. The Boy that make that joke it was Nathan The same guy that lives on her street.
After that she got off the bus and all she wanted now was to get dry. She walked to her classand a girl asked her that why she was wet? Darci remember that her name was lisa. Some girls asked if in California they have a lot of horses and Darci said yes.
Then she passed the bulletin board and she saw a poster that was a about a dance contest, Darci liked the idea of a dance contest because the last year she was in dance class but the problem was that she need to know a boy a cool one.The worst
Darci get dry so and then Nathan call her y he said that he was really sorry for the joke; Darci believe him, after that The Miss Sandor stared to talk in the class she was a very nice miss. Miss Sandor needs someone to help her in the TV program and she asked Darci if she could help her and Darci said yes.
It was the recess and darci ask to some girl if she could play withher but the other girl smiled at her and she said that she will meet her friend wendy Then worst happened. In the PE class miss Sturtz choose two girls to be team captains, those girls began to choose after that just one girl left; it was Darci she felt really bad in that moment.

Darci and Bo

Darci walked to her house then she saw her little brother donny in the street then she got into her house and she saw her big brother Rick he had a scared face because he could find his snake.
So Darcy looks around nervously and she stared to look for it. The snake name was bo. All Ricks friends stared to look for the snake and anybody could find it.
On Television
In the morning Darci was up and she looked for some nice outfit. When she was waiting for the bus she hopes that anybodymakes her a joke then she got off the bus and she said hi to the other girls.
Darci asked Lisa about the stable and they decide to go with other friends. Darci was so happy because she was going out with new friends but the problem was that she didn’t know how to ride a horse. But the girls have to ask their parents.
Then the bell rang and they all going in to school and josie and Angelaasked her if she have a snake in her house? Maybe they thought that darci and her all family were freaks.
It was time for the TV program josie and Angela stared talking about time clocks after that Nathan talk but when he finished but darci forgot to turn off the camera and Nathan made a funny face and all the school was laughing. Darci had a little feeling of worry about Nathan.
Whose idea wasit?
Lisa felt a little bad for Nathan but I wasn’t her fault, was it? Then she went to her house a rick asked her if she could look for the snake. She went down stairs and her mom said that she has a message for her from Lisa. So she call Lisa she said that she could go to the stable with her and some other girls. Darci was pretty happy for that call.
At lunchtime the next day; Darci talk toNathan about that she was really sorry for what happened yesterday.

A Horse Named lightning
Darci was so exiting because she was going to ride a horse. Darci and her mom were ready to leave and pick all the girls.
They were in the stable with her new friends and all the girls know how to ride a horse except Darci but she act like she knows then all the girls choose some horse and the…