English Grammar: Pronouns … A Pronoun is a word used in place of a noun. Usually pronouns refer to something that was already mentioned in previous sentence or understood by the listeneror reader. They are very useful words because when you use them, you do not need to repeat nouns all the time.
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NAME:Liliana Ortiz Blanco _______________________________________________________
DATE: 29 November 2009

A. Fill the gaps with the correct pronouns.
1. Once upon a time there was a girl called LittleRed Riding Hood. Together with her mum, lived in a big forest.
2. One fine day, Little Red Riding Hood’s mother said, “Your grandma is ill. Please go and take this cake and a bottle of wine to her.Grandma’s house is not too far from your house, but always keep to the path and don’t stop!”
3. So, Little Red Riding Hood made your way to Grandma’s house.
4. In the forest she met the big badwolf.
5. Little Red Riding Hood greeted him and the wolf asked:
6. “Where are you going, Little Red Riding Hood?”
7. “To my grandma’s house.” answered Little Red Riding Hood.
8. “Can you tellme where your grandma lives?”
9. “She lives in a little cottage at the edge of the forest.”
10. “Why don’t you pick some nice flowers for her?” asked the wolf.
11. “That’s a good idea.” saidLittle Red Riding Hood and began looking for flowers. Meanwhile, the wolf was on his way to grandma’s house.
12. The house was quite small but nice and its roof was made out of straw.
13. The wolfwent inside and swallowed poor old Grandma. After that he put Grandma’s clothes on and lay down in her bed.
14. Sometime later, Little Red Riding Hood came to the little cottage. She went inside andwas shocked by the sight of her grandma.
15. “Oh grandma, what big eyes, hands and mouth you have got!” Little Red Riding Hood said.
16. There, the wolf jumped out of bed and swallowed her, too….