New Interchange Intro
Units 1-16

1. Tim: What’s your last name?
Sam: __________________.

a. It’s Taylor. c. He’s Taylor.
b. I’m Taylor. d. My name isTaylor.

2. John: Are you a student?
Ben: __________________.

a. I study business. c. Yes, I am.
b. No, I don’t. d. Yes, I do.

3. Anna: What’s this?Mike: _________________.

a. They are pencils. c. It’s a pencil.
b. These are pencils. d. He is a pencil.

4. Carol: _________________?
Laura: It’s under the table.a. What is this? c. Where are they?
b. What are these? d. Where is it?

5. Pete: Where are you and your family from, Maria?
Kelly: __________________.

a.I’m from Peru. c. We are Peru.
b. We’re from Peru. d. I’m Peruvian.

6. Bob: What’s Santiago like?
Linda: __________________.

a. It’s a very big city. c. They arefrom Chile.
b. I like it a lot. d. He is modern.

7. Phil: It’s hot today, my friend is wearing _______________.

a. a coat. c. shorts.
b. a scarf. d. gloves.8. Mary: Is this Sue’s t-shirt?
Jane: __________________.

a. Yes, it is hers. c. Yes, the t-shirt is mine.
b. No, she is hers. d. No, she is not.

9. July:What are you doing, Steve?
Steve: _________________.

a. It’s ten o’clock in the morning. c. In the kitchen.
b. I’m having breakfast. d. I’m really hungry.

10. Sue:What’s Mary cooking?
Tom: ____________________.

a. I think she is in the kitchen. c. There are some vegetables.
b. She is having lunch. d. Spaghetti and tomato salad.

11. Bill: Where do you work, Sandra?
Sandra: __________________.

a. I work in an office downtown. c. I take the bus to work.
b. I’m a doctor. d. I have a car.

12. My…