West coast offensive

The Basics
The Huddle
Calling Plays
Basic Alignments
Offensive Numbering System
Cadence and Snap Count
Audibles and Dummy Audibles
No-Huddle offense
Personnel Groupings
Hand Signals
Basic Backfield Sets
Strong Side Formations
Weak Side Formations
Backfield Motions
Halfback Alignments
Fullback Alignments
Tight End Alignments and Motion (Y)
FlankerAlignments and Motion (Z)
Split End Alignments and Motion (X)
Formations (by Personnel Group)
Defensive Recognition
Pass Blocking
Common Pass Routes
Scramble Rules
Base Passes
Action Passes
Movement Passes
Nickel Passes
Short Yardage
Goal Line
Red Zone Passes
Base Runs
Nickel Runs
Short Yardage Runs
Goal Line Runs
Red ZoneFour Minute
Hand Signals
Hand Signals
As an offensive unit, we expect the following from our coaches and players.
1. We will be precise in our execution of plays. This will be derived from our attention to detail in
everything we do as a team. We will be efficient and machine like, regardless of the environment and
the situation athand.
2. We will be disciplined, and consider assignment errors and mental mistakes unacceptable.
Turnovers will not be tolerated!
3. We will be a physically and mentally tough team. By structuring our practices as we do, you should
not see anything in a game that you have not seen before in practice. No situation on the field should
be unexpected.
4. We will play hard and with great efforton every play from the snap until the whistle blows. There is
no reason to take plays off!
Our offense is based upon Bill Walsh’s ‘West Coast Offense’. It is an offense that has been proven
successful at the highest levels of football. With the proper commitment and attitude, it will be successful
here too!
The ‘West Coast Offense’ is not easy to define. But, two statements dohelp explain what it is all about.
First, our offense uses «precision-timed passing, variable formations, and the exploitation of each player’s
skills» (quote by Bill Walsh) to attack the opposition. We will feature a ‘fully dimensional passing attack’
(including a short passing game that compliments the running game) and running game that controls the
clock. We use multiple formations andpersonnel groupings to get favorable match-ups (ie. Flanker on a
linebacker), run similar plays from different looks, hide our key receivers, and let our quarterback see and
read the defense. We want to force the defense to adjust and react to us, while at the same time taking
what the defense gives us.
Second, «The ‘West Coast Offense’ still amounts to nothing more than the total attention todetail and an
appreciation for every facet of offensive football and refinement of those things that are needed to provide
an environment that allows people to perform at maximum levels of self-actualization» (quote by Bill
Walsh). It is that attention to detail that will allow us to perform at our best and win football games. As
important as the X’s and O’s are, it is our commitment to the entiresystem that will make us successful.
Principles of the West Coast Offense
Protecting the Quarterback- We will protect the passer with a variety of protection schemes.
Additionally, we will use the principle of a ‘hot receiver’. This means that when the defense sends more
rushers than we have blockers, one of our receivers will be available, allowing the quarterback to get rid
of the ballbefore the rushers get to him.
Timing Passes- Our routes have been set up so that the quarterback is able to deliver the ball right as
the receiver is making his break. In other words, the depth of the receiver’s route has been timed so as to
correspond to the depth of the quarterback’s drop.
Use of Multiple Receivers- We will use as many as five eligible receivers on every pass play. Our…