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QPS Fabrication Project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Dictionary Stellarator Core Systems (WBS 1)

-DRAFTJune 2, 2003
Prepared by:

B. Nelson, QPS Engineering Manager Reviewed by:

P. Goranson, WBS 11 & 12 Manager

D. Williamson, WBS 13-16 Manager

M. Cole, WBS 17 Manager

M. Cole, WBS 18 Manager

Approved by: J. Lyon, Project Manager

QPS WBS Dictionary Stellarator CoreSystems (WBS 1)
WBS Element: 1 WBS Level: 2 WBS Title: Stellarator Core Systems Description: The QPS Fabrication Project includes all equipment required through first plasma. The Fabrication Project includes all the engineering and physics design efforts starting with the preliminary design phase (Title I) and ending with completion of the Fabrication Project, any of the necessary Research andDevelopment (R&D) to support the design effort that is not completed during conceptual or advanced conceptual design, all component fabrication, assembly, and installation activities, and all system level commissioning and testing. Integrated systems testing of the entire QPS device is covered in Integrated Systems Testing (WBS 73). Stellarator Core Systems include all the systems and related elementsthat directly provide the confining magnetic fields and the high vacuum enclosure required for first plasma formation and operation. Stellarator Core Systems include: • In-Vessel Components (WBS 11), • Vacuum Vessel (WBS 12), • Conventional Coils (WBS 13), • Modular Coils (WBS 14), • Coil Supports (WBS 15), • Coil Services in Test Cell (WBS 16), • Machine Base (WBS 17), and • Stellarator CoreAssembly (WBS 18)

6/2/03 draft


Stellarator Core Systems (WBS1)
WBS Element: 11 WBS Level: 3 WBS Title: In-Vessel Components Description: This WBS element consists of all the in-vessel systems required to absorb the heat and particle fluxes from the plasma and to effect divertor operation for neutral recycling and density control. This WBS element also includes all the in-vessel systemsthat serve to protect the modular coils and in-vessel components from energetic particles and heat fluxes from the plasma. Sub-elements within WBS 11 include the: • • • Limiters (WBS 111); Divertor (WBS 112); and PFC local I&C (WBS 113)

QPS WBS Dictionary

For the QPS Fabrication Project, none of these elements are included. However, the conceptual design includes concepts for a simple divertorsystem that consists of flat targets attached to a cooled pipe immediately above the regions of the plasma “ridges”. The design, fabrication, and installation of these upgrades are outside the scope of the Fabrication Project. WBS Element: 111 WBS Level: 4 WBS Title: Limiters Description: For the QPS Fabrication Project, no local limiters are anticipated. These will be supplied as an upgrade ifwarranted for protection from the plasma. WBS Element: 112 WBS Level: 4 WBS Title: Divertor Description: For the QPS Fabrication Project, no divertor targets are included. These will be supplied as an upgrade after first plasma. WBS Element: 113 WBS Level: 4 WBS Title: PFC local I&C Description: This WBS element will provide the local I&C required by all WBS elements included under In-VesselComponents (WBS 11). For the Fabrication Project, no local I&C will be included.

6/2/03 draft


Stellarator Core Systems (WBS1)
WBS Element: 12 WBS Level: 3 WBS Title: Vacuum Vessel Description: The vacuum vessel provides a vacuum boundary around the plasma chamber suitable for high vacuum conditions; structural support for external coils, and access for Auxiliary Systems (WBS 2) andDiagnostics (WBS 3). This WBS element consists of all the following sub-elements: • Vacuum Vessel Assembly (WBS 121); • Centerstack Casing (WBS 122); • Thermal Insulation and Heating Systems(WBS 123); • Vacuum Vessel Local I&C (WBS 124). WBS Element: 121 WBS Level: 4 WBS Title: Vacuum Vessel Assembly Description: This WBS element consists of the vacuum vessel heads and spool piece, ports, blank port…