Vocabulartio del arte

Vocabulary of Art

Lines are a type of form and is defined as the length of which is so much greater than the width that we perceive it as having only length.
However my interpretation of line is that it is the bases and most important part of all art work. To me art is just different types of lines put together to form a piece weather its a painting or a sculpture they areboth composed of numerous amounts of lines which form the end product.
A good example of line is a capital of a Corinthian column. This shows the beauty of art through sculpture. The different types of visible lines in the leaves bring out a tremendous beauty. Your eyes are automatically drawn to the curves of the lines which represent the prosperous vegetation of the Corinthian culturewhich they want to be known that’s why it is located on the capital of the column.

Shape is also a type of form and is defined as a two- dimensional, or a flat, area defined by the borders of an enclosing outline or contour.
To me shape is geometric; ovals, squares, rectangles, and etc. if you break down any piece of work you can find these shapes as they too are the basesof drawings and sculptures.
A good example of shape is by David Smith’s, Cubi XlX. This sculpture shows three different geometrical shapes that are square, rectangle, and circle. To me this sculpture shows the power of the mind. The usage of the rectangles and the squares show that your options are limitless. You can grow or reach to any height. You may have some obstacles in your way like thesquares, but you just build up or around them to reach your goals.

Mass is defined as matter that takes up space.
I perceive mass as bulk weight that takes up an area. Have it be a 3D sculpture or a building anything that takes up physical space it mass.
A good example of mass is the bronze sculpture of Charles v triumphing over fury. This shows mass in two ways. One being asculpture it takes up physical mass but it also shows muscle mass. His muscular tone is to a tee every muscle is defined and bulging. This is a very important sculpture because it shows power and people often perceive power with muscular tone. If you see someone that is physically fit you assume they have a lot of power which is what Leone Leoni was trying to showcase in this sculpture.
It doesn’t matter if it’s bright, dull, or non-existent, it tells you a lot about what the artist is trying to get across to the audience through mood.
A good example of light is Leonardo Da Vinci’s, The Last Supper. The base of this piece is Jesus which is almost glowing with light around him. Then from the left to the right the light begins to fade to almost complete darkness showing theviewer that Jesus is pure. It also shows that his followers are deceitful almost ad if they were plotting against him.

Value and Color
Value is defined as the relative degree of lightness or darkness of a given color and is created by the amount of light reflected from an objects surface.
Color has several attributes these include Hue, Value, and saturation.
Value is an attribute to colorand it shows the variations a specific color can go through by applying a certain degree of black or white to the initial color.
Color can tell a lot about a piece anything from wealth to feelings.
A good example of value and color is Georgia O’ Keeffe. Red Canna. It uses black and white values to darken and lighten these base colors. The piece gives off a warm pleasant feeling. Red andYellow tend to be warm colors but the way the oil is painted on gives an up close flower look. The way the colors break and join with each other gives the viewer almost an overlook of a flower, showing its natural beauty through a variety of color values.


Texture and Space
Texture is defined as the tactile quality of a surface and is also an attribute of form.
Space is defined as…