The ultimate gift

The Ultimate Gift

* Karen Casillas Nuñez
* 30-12
* English

The ultimate gift
I am going to talk about this film I had seen for the last days; it is about the twelve gifts that agrandfather gave to his grandson after he dies.
Jason was a selfish and in mature person, that has all the money he wants, but when his grandfather dies he received a call from his grandfather´s layer, even hedid not want to go saw him, he went.
The layer shows him a video of his grandfather that told him to do a lot of things to receive the ultimate gift.
The movie got a change when Jason meets Emily alittle girl with leukemia and her mother Alexia.
But the gift were not money as Jason thought were
The Gift of Work
The Gift of Problems
The Gift of Friends
The Gift of Giving
The Gift of GratitudeThe Gift of Family
The Gift of Learning
The Gift of Money
The Gift of Laughter
The Gift of a Day
The Gift of Dreams
The Gift of Love (which leads to the Ultimate Gift)

This movie seems to be a goodmovie, probably slightly sentimental for some people, but it had graceful moments while others get to the point that made you cry.
I think the scrip is well done, it teaches you a lot of values.
Thebest of the movie was the language, because their language was adapted and easy to understand for persons that do not dominate the English well, and they did not say idioms or any bad word at least notthat I should remember.
The movie had all types of scenery, a farm in Texas, an office, a community in South America, an ordinary park and a hospital. Those for me were well done sceneries for thetype of movie.
About the performance of the actors, I feel the best was from Emily the girl with leukemia. Even with her short age she gave us a very credible and good performance.
The performance of“Jason” was not that good, I did not feel enough feeling to give him a well criticize but I have to say he is so handsome!.
Another good thing of the movie is the love and the values that they teach…