Palestina vs israel

Looking for a solution of the Israel vs Palestine conflict

“Anyone who rejects the two-state solution, won’t bring a one-state solution. They will instead bring one war, not one state. A bloody war with no end.”
Israeli President Shimon Peres, 7 November 2009.

At the end of WWII, a very large number of Jews immigrated to Palestine, a territory that was controlled by Great Britain at thetime. As a result, the Palestinian people felt invaded, especially after the Jews expressed their intention of making Jerusalem a Jewish city. When the tense situation between both parties finally exploded, there were many clashes between the Palestinians and the Jews, and as the situation got out of control for Great Britain, it was forced to yield the management of the zone to the United Nations.The United Nations then proposed two options: one, to create an Arab-Jew federation and two, to divide the territory between Jews and Palestinians. The second option was the one that was chosen, but as soon as Great Britain’s forces left the territory, a civil war began. The Jews won the civil war and kept 75% of the territory, a percentage much larger than the original. Egypt then decided tolaunch an attack on Israel and thus declared war to the aforementioned country. However, Israel attacked first and consequently managed to gain the territories of Gaza and the West Bank. In those two territories, the Palestinians were forced into refugee camps, causing numerous retaliations from the Palestine people.

The Israeli government claim is that Palestinians chose to leave Palestinevoluntarily, instructed to do so via radio broadcasts from Arab leaders who wanted to clear a path for their armies. But radio broadcasts from the area were monitored by the British and American governments and no evidence of general orders to flee has ever been found. On the contrary, there are numerous instances of Arab leaders telling Palestinians to stay put, to keep their claim to the territory.People flee during wartime for a variety of reasons and that was certainly the case here. Some left because war zones are dangerous environments.

If we talk about UN, we never have heard that UN is like a real estate company, so it does not have no land and have no authority give someone land to other. But of course, we believe is the best organization recognized internationally to solve thisconflict. So, in this essay we say, ask yourself: If your land have been taken from you what would you do?

If you say you will fight for your land, so will the Palestinian and you agree with that. If you say that Israelis claim is based on history, and they’ve got the right of property on that land, what kind of history you’ve talked about? We strongly believe that the Creation of Israel has nolaw basis. Ironically, the very first people who resisted the creation of Israel is the people from US State Department. Yes, that’s true. But who supported the armed conflict? And sold weapons to Israel during the civil war against the Palestinians? We must consider that in 1948, prior to the birth of Israel, the jews only had 6% of the Palestine. Even though they tried to buy the land they onlycame up to 6%. And the UN gave them 51% with the built of the Gaza Wall, and after the Civil War they’ve got more than 75%. And until now, Israel is only the country who has the right to mark the border.

Then, the question arises, is it a solution to the conflict? Our answer is the following, we vote for the co-existence of both sides, and a two state solution to the problem. Of course we doagree that Israel in this conflict is to be blamed. It is violating UN resolutions (242 for example), it has been committing breaches of human rights, and one might even say it commits acts of state terrorism. It’s a fact that until now, this did not bring about a worldwide force to make Israel to give in to (a number) of Palestinian demands, whose happens to be the original owners of the land, and…