Karla Zamora
The Yangtze’s potencial

“In Asia a region of enormously diverse languages, cultures, regulations, taxes, infrastructures, business practices, organizationalforms and economic developments levels, attempting to optimize the supply chain can seem almost futile”.

When I began reading the story of the Yangtze River, I remembered that phrase of the SupplyChain in Asia, but know we have the more navigable river comparable length in the world, no other river has the greater potential for commercial development, then I remembered that one of the countriesthat had more conflicts to establish a good SCM, was China, but know we are taking about a developing a comprehensive transportation system incorporating road, river and rail links in the YangtzeValley, the key for surmounting the daunting logistics challenges presented by China’s geography.

An interest fact of transportation in China, is that the trucking is the most viable way to move thegoods, but is the most expensive and almost have other big problem for the society that is the pollution that cause, this is a very important point to have in our mind, because we are worried about thetime that the product is going to pass on transporting, the cost, the weather factors, and if our customers are going to receive the product in the correct time, but we never think about what isgoing on with our nature, if we are using a very pollution material to transport, was interesting that in this reading they take in account that fact.

Chongqing, the mountain city, was other point thatmakes me think about all the factors that can affect to the logistic, it was very interesting that some years ago that city was like forgotten and know is a leading petrochemical center, this city isthe fourth –largest producer of automobiles and also makes a very high quantity of motorcycles.
Other important point that we already see is that China, doesn´t have the appropriate technology,…