A long long day

Have you ever had a day, that you would like to end but surprisingly it can´t, this is the story of the myfriend´s longest day ever.

My friend loves the music he knows everything that you have to kwon if you want the title of “master ofthe music”, he loves “niña” it is a rock band from Mexico, who has 3 records in his discography.

My friend went to a music storebecause niña was signaturing his record, he spend 9 hours stand up waiting for the open of this store, my friend was almost in theend of the line, when he was the next one to get in the store, and niña can´t signature his record, the store closed becausesomeone drop off on the vocalist of niña, the band went out of the store because that, and my friend almost crying was screaming “ justsigning my record please” no one listened to him.

My friend called me to tell me what happened that day, he cross the streetwith out watched and a van almost crash him, the van stopped and the driver get out of his van and asked him “are you right?” myfriend could believe who the driver was, it was a basset of niña, the driver offered himself to took my friend to his home, when myfriend was in his house just can´t believe how strange and frightening was that day, and thanks to good to be at home at last.