Ethics in public relations

Is Public Relations an ethical practice? Nowadays, public relations has become a key management tool for any company. A tool too unwieldy for humans because in most caseswe are not able to set a limit to distinguish the true from the false. First, we define a simple way the concept of public relations as “development and maintenance of good relationships withdifferent publics”. We can find other definitions as:
“The planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between an organization and its publics” by UK Institute ofPublic Relations”
“Public Relations is the art and science of analyzing trends, predicting their consequences, counseling organization leaders and implementing planned programs of action serving bothorganization´s public´s interest” by World Assembly of Public Relations Associations”
And to get into moral issues we should know that all the skills and tools of public relations are as follows:
*Good communication skills (written, spoken, integrated …)
* Good information gathering skills
* Good critical thinking skills
* Creativity
* Ability to be persuasive
* Ability tounderstand and conduct research
* Understanding of how all media work
* Understanding of technology and its role in society
* Ability to meet deadlines consistently
* Ability to solve problemsquickly
* Ability to understand and empathize with people
* Ability to work with a team
* Ability to create and implement a plan
* Integrity
* Tools:
* New release (Print, video,audio, new media…)
* Media kit
* Newsletters
* Pamphlets, brochures and manuals
* Position papers or white papers
* Byliners or expert stories
* Op-ed pieces
* Web sites
* News conferences
* Special events
* Exhibits
* Lobbying
I believe that nothing requires us both ethical behavior as communication, that relates to people and society. I think it is…